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APPLE DENTAL works with a group of local doctors and dentists to have agreed to give you and your family the following benefits (up to 80% for some dental work). Call 845-3110 for the provider lists and specific information


80% off oral examinations

80% off fluoride treatment for children up to age 18

50% off bite wing x-rays

60% off all cleaning and polishing


You receive this preventive dental care at 60-80% off the normal fees.  A normal cost, each time you visit a dentist is $60.  With 1-3 family members, you can save an average of $60-$180 per year just on teeth cleaning and x-rays alone.

You can save anywhere from 30-80% off your dental procedures which include preventive care, tooth extractions, fillings, crowns, bridge work, gum treatment, root canals, dentures and also savings on braces for both children and adults.

There are no claim forms to complete, no deductibles, no pre-enrollment examinations, no age limits, and existing dental problems DO qualify.


Vision, Hearing, Pharmacy and Massage Therapy benefits are included automatically 

Reduced rates on prescription glasses, contact lenses and eye exams for each family member.

Free hearing tests, discounts on hearing aids and membership in a battery club.

Discounts on massage therapy.

Saving 10% to 80% on Prescriptions.


If you have a major credit card or a checking account, you may pay monthly or annually.  However, if you are paying with cash or a money order, you must pay the full amount at the time of the application.  Please note that if you pay annually, you save 20% over the monthly fees when they are spread over a 12-month period.


Bank Draft

Monthly Cost

Initial Payment




$25.90 plus first year $30 enrollment fee

Only $129 plus $30 enrollment fee

Family Plan


$29.90 plus first year $30 enrollment fee

Only $149.50 plus $30 enrollment fee





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